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14th March 2012

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Azizah, a film by Hanifah Walidah & Olive Demetrius  

Azizah translated means “My powerful beloved”. Azizah looks at the lives or Black American Lesbians who were raised in Islam. This is a documentary currently in development. To support this documentary please go to www.iloveupeople.com (click on upcoming projects)

I love the attention this project is getting. I hope Hanifah continues with it. I loved when I saw it years ago and was waiting for there to be more.

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    we need this in GSA. I needed this in my life tonight. and it was lovely finally seeing nayyirahwaheed's face :).
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    Red Summer, one of the ladies from this film has directed a documentary called Al Nisa: Muslim Women in Atlanta’s Gay...
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    Azizah, a film by Hanifah Walidah & Olive Demetrius Azizah translated means “My powerful beloved”. Azizah looks at the...
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    I want to see this documentary when it comes out.
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